Biographical Outline
Mario Sammut, was born in Malta in 1955. From an early age he attended drawing and painting lessons by Antoine Camilleri and Esprit Barthet. Later he attended classes in ceramics under the guidance of ceramist Gabriel Caruana.
The artist is a ceramist and sculptor. He uses various mediums to express his style of art. He started as a ceramist portraying his sculptures in clay but has delved into bronze, aluminium and marble.
His ceramics are hand-built, using slabs to create sculptural forms based on the human figure, depicting a particular style and emphasising a balance of texture, shape and line. His ceramic sculptures range from organic forms to single figures and multiple figures interacting with each other, with emphasis on social interaction and relationships, exploring the human figure through such emotions and situations. He portrays the human figure by itself or in groups with minimal detail yet in monumental form.
His ceramics are fired to stoneware temperatures of 1260 degrees celsius and glazes them in a monochromatic way so as not to interfere with the visual aesthetics of the form. The minimalist approach and lack of details convey a sense of anonymity where the viewers are left to adapt the representation to their imagination.

Mario Sammut